Finger Lakes Area Artist

I was born in Rochester, NY in the post-WWII baby-boomer year of 1948. I grew up mostly in Victor, NY and graduated from high school there, followed by engineering education at Clarkson College in Potsdam, NY with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After a lengthy and successful career as an engineer, I decided to take a turn towards the arts as my retirement approached. I took drawing classes and started to paint with watercolor, and eventually oil and occasional acrylics. My art education has been informal, consisting of workshops, classes, and self study.

My interest in art stems from many things. I have always had a fascination with the ability some artists have to portray the essence of an object, person, or scene in a manner that allows the viewer to relate to the subject in a personal way. Presenting an image on a flat plane that convinces the observer that there is infinite depth in the scene is another key for me.
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